KVA Diesel has many years of experience developing and producing generator sets for the agricultural sector.

We emphasize quality, flexibility and safety, so regardless of whether you need a generator set with its own diesel engine, or an emergency power plant to connect to the tractor, we can provide the device you require.

Emergency power - irrigation - grain drying - etc.

Whether you operate plant production, pig production or dairy operations, a generator is an essential part of the necessary machinery.

But have you ever wondered how large a range of applications you can use your generator for if it is constructed correctly?

At KVA Diesel, we have designed a device that can be used for both emergency power and for the operation of a submersible pump for irrigation.

Our latest development is a heating module which can be mounted on the generator's exhaust system, thereby contributing to more efficient grain drying.

REMEMBER: If you have longer or shorter periods where you require extra power, or if you have investment objects that are more important than a generator set, you can always rent a device from us and thereby cover your immediate needs.

Contact us for further details.