Emergency generator

Luckily, it's rare that we experience a power outage for any length of time here in Denmark. However, this does not change the fact that even brief power outages, for example due to a storm or other bad weather, can have disastrous consequences for those affected.

An emergency power plant is therefore a form of "insurance" that one shouldn't be without under any circumstances. When one considers the cost of such an installation, it is too great a risk to run.

The same applies to the ongoing monitoring of existing installations. After all, what is the use of having an installation available if it doesn't work when the need arises?

At KVA Diesel, we are able to supply all types of emergency power units, for agriculture, industry, the marine sector and for everything else, as a standalone system or as tractor-driven devices.

Contact us and let us help you assess your needs. Perhaps we can suggest a solution where the emergency power system can also be used for other purposes when you need it.

If you already own a device, we would recommend that you established a fixed service agreement with us. Then we will come and check the system regularly, so you can be sure that the system works when you need it.


Tractor generators

KVA Diesel manufactures tractor generators from 45 KVA to 120 KVA. They are all supplied complete with distribution switchboards and three-point hitch. The generators are electronically controlled and are therefore well suited for tasks that require a stable voltage, such as milking robots.

The tractor generators are constructed as requested, and can be delivered with all cable lengths and connectors, as well as alternative connections such as 3x230V. Connectors and cables are agreed separately so you get what you need.

The dimensions of the units from 45 - 120 kVA are approximately 1200x950x1250 mm.

The weight of the unit:

45 KVA: 380 kg

60 KVA: 385 kg

85 KVA: 495 kg

100 KVA: 570 kg

120 KVA: 570 kg

The units are equipped with 1.3/8"-Z6 PTO shaft output, which must run at 1000 rpm.

In order to ensure smooth operation, the tractor's horsepower should be at least approx. 1.5 x kVA. Example: 60 kVA x 1.5 = 90 hp.