Tractor generator

KVA Diesel manufactures tractor-driven emergency generators from 42.5 KVA to 105 KVA. They are all supplied complete with distribution switchboards and three-point hitch.

The generators are electronically controlled and are therefore well suited for tasks that require an even frequency, such as milking robots.

The units are equipped with 1.3/8"-Z6 PTO shaft output, which must run at 395 rpm.

In order to ensure smooth operation, the tractor's horsepower should be at least approx. 1.5 x kVA. Example: 63 kVA x 1.5 = 95 hp.

The 105 kVA unit requires 1,000 rpm on the PTO.

The tractor generators are constructed as requested, and can be delivered with all cable lengths and connectors, as well as alternative connections such as 3x230V. Connectors and cables are agreed separately so you get what you need.